I've decided to combine three things I'm really passionate about! Disney, makeup, and fashion! I'll be putting together outfits and wearable makeup looks inspired by Disney characters and films ^-^
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Ariel in Festival of Fantasy on Flickr.

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Jasmine and Mulan on a stroll on Flickr.

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It’s Good To Be Bad Pre-Parade on Flickr.

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Life truly is the bubbles.

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why is Ursula shunned from King Triton’s society? does it have something to do with being more powerful than him? why does King Triton have a magical trident, being otherwise a pretty regular merman? Ursula is a witch, if anyone should have a magical artifact it should be her, did King Triton steal it?

and finally, Ursula didn’t do Ariel much wrong

Ariel wanted some legs (and a vagina) and Ursula told her flat out that in the surface world you can have a vagina or a voice, not both

i’d watch the hell out of a movie about Ursula

Ursula told her flat out that in the surface world you can have a vagina or a voice, not both”

ohhhh shit though, ursula was being too real about the world

although perhaps a bit too literal

Okay, these were all excellent points and I’ll never see The Little Mermaid the same way again.

I laughed at that caption at first then the reality actually hit me

you can have a vagina or a voice, not both”

Okay so the feminist stuff is awesome, like mind blowing-ly awesome but actually Disney explained Ursula’s backstory in The Little Mermaid on Broadway!

Ursula is Triton’s sister (she mentions in the musical that her father is Poseidon, which makes sense since in Greek Mythology he had a son named Triton.) Initially, Triton and Ursula ruled over the sea in equal halves using magical artifacts given to them by their father (Triton got the Triton and Ursula got his magic shell that she would later use to store Ariel’s voice) until Ursula used black magic which got her banished. She also mentions that she “mutilated maimed and destroyed” which implies she was more of a dictator/tyrant than a queen
Ursula was bitter at getting caught/banished so she planned to get back at her brother by taking over the Ocean. She just sort of used Ariel as a way to get Triton’s triton and restoring the power of Poseidon.

All of this is explained via song and dance from the song “I Want the Good Times Back” from the Little Mermaid on Broadway’s soundtrack!!



Ariel on Flickr.

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Snow White

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Snow & The Queen (by jacobsphotopass)

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